Magliolo Family File


Magliolo Family File
This file is composed of 11 digitized photos focusing on the Magliolo family. This file includes photos from the foundation of the Magliolo Clinic and family photos of the Magliolo brothers throughout the years. All content was graciously donated by Dr. Mike and Diane Magliolo.

Magliolo Familial History
When Andrew Magliolo immigrated to the states from Favigana, Siciliy in 1905, he was a barber with dreams of owning his own shop. Told by a family friend that America was a land of endless opportunity where he could achieve that dream, he immigrated in 1905 with $50 and the knowledge of two words in English- "thank you". He entered the country through the port of Galveston and began working with his future brother in law, Rosario Vassallo, as a barber. He would meet his wife, fellow Sicillian Grazie Dimare, in 1909. He was naturalized in 1920. Andrew would achieve his dream of owning his own shop on the corner of 25th and The Strand in Galveston, and Andrew and Grazie would go on to have seven children- Joe, Ursula, Andrew, Adolph, Albert, Amedeo, and Virginia.
The 5 male children of the family would go on to work in the field of medicine. This crossover was spurned not only by the quality of barbers often doing some medical work (pulling teeth, suturing wounds, bleeding) but because Andrew Sr. had numerous doctors as clients. Prior to and during their pursuit of medicine, many of the sons followed in their father's footsteps and worked as barbers. Grazie contributed through her work as a skilled seamstress and took care of the Magliolo family home. Some of her signature dishes were squid lasagna and seasame seed and kooka detchie fig bar cookies. Ursula Magliolo would go on to work as a secretary for the G H & H railroad.
During WWII, Dr. Joe Magliolo, the eldest, was spared the draft due to his status as the only doctor in Dickinson when the war started. Andrew Jr. was drafted shortly after the war began. Adolph was drafted after finishing dental school, Amedeo and Albert were drafted under the V-12 program that allowed them to finish medical school. After the war, all five brothers began to work in the clinic in Dickinson. They would assist in the creation of the Galveston County Memorial hospital and helped triage victims of the April 16th, 1947 Texas City disaster.
The Magliolo family clinic grew in 1967 and had nine doctors operating within its newly opened doors. All members of the Magliolo family would continue to be important fixtures in the Dickinson community, serving as school board members, scout leaders, little league workers, church volunteers, blood donors, medical society projects, voluntary school nurses, Lions and Optimist club members, and much more.
Dr. Mike Magliolo would go on to follow in his family's footsteps and become the first second generation OB-GYN at Baylor (following his father, Amedeo, aka Dr. Amy).
This file focuses on the Magliolo family, especially the Magliolo brothers and their medical pursuits.

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DS27C52N0421 (1959, Mrs. Grimes' 3rd Grade class at STC)
DS27C52N0422 (1961, Mr. Watson's 5th Grade class at Dickinson Elementary School)
DS27C52N0423 (Dr. Joe Magliolo and Andrew Magliolo, seated. Drs. Adolph, Albert, Andrew, and Amedeo)
DS27C52N0424 (1953, Magliolo Brothers)
DS27C52N0425 (Magliolo Brothers and Father, Dr. Andrew Magliolo)
DS27C52N0426 (Magliolo family at a family event including Dr. Andrew Magliolo and Grace Magliolo)
DS27C52N0427 (Opening of Magliolo Clinic on Liggio in February 1967. Men are Dr. Joe Magliolo, Dr. Andrew Magliolo (grandpa), and Dr. Amedeo Magliolo)
DS27C52N0428 (Approx. 1950, Magliolo brothers Amedeo, Adolph, Andrew, Giuseppe (Joseph), Andrew)
DS27C52N0429 (Dr. Joe Magliolo's 1st Clinic)
DS27C52N0430 (Magliolo brothers around 1980)
DS27C52N0431 (Magliolo Medical and Dental Clinic 1950s)
Dr. Mike Magliolo and Diane Magliolo
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