Dues Family Images- Magliolo Family Files


Dues Family Images- Magliolo Family Files
These images featuring the Dues family were generously donated by Dr. Mike Magliolo and Diane Magliolo (née Dues). Photographs in this file include images from Dickinson as early as the 1890s, and the file displays several Dickinson businesses and recreational activities. Dues family members AJ Dues, Teressa Dues, and Tony Dues are especially featured throughout this collection.

The Dues family have been active members of the Dickinson community for years. George H. Dues, patriarch of the family, was a successful farmer in Philothea, Ohio and lived with his wife Catherine Dues and their seven children: Henry, Leo, Edward, Tony, Clara, and Mary. He was advised by his family physician in 1906 to move to a warmer climate in order to improve the health of his two youngest children, who suffered from pulmonary issues. A family friend, Mr. Thaman, had recently purchased land in Alta Loma-Dickinson, Texas area, then regarded as a "southern paradise". Mr. Thaman successfully convinced the Dues family to head southward. George Dues purchased 150 acres of coastal prairie along present day FM 646 from Mr. Thaman at $35 an acre. All members of the family, save for Mary, who married and stayed in Ohio, headed to Dickinson. Following clerical errors by Thaman, Mr. Dues ended up paying for his land twice. The family cultivated the land and planted a variety of crops and planted 100 pine trees in symmetrical order, creating the "Pine Row" that can still be viewed from FM 646. George and his sons established a nursery and landscaping business that introduced new kinds of plants to Galveston County. They and their descendants would continue to develop this company. The Mary Austin League Nursery was named after the land purchased on FM 646, as it was part of Stephen F. Austin's "Old 300" original land grants given to Austin by the Mexican government. The Dues brothers opened a second location on Galveston island and planted several of the oaks found around Galveston. In addition to their work with various forms of flora, the brothers were skilled woodworkers. In 1918, the Dues purchased cattle and expanded their scope of business into the dairy market. Dues milk would be used at the famous "The Garden" restaurant, known for its delicious ice cream and the presence of the only female restroom between Houston and Galveston. The Garden was owned and operated by Clara Dues, daughter of George Dues.
The Dues dairy would grow even larger in the 1940s under the tutelage of George Leo Dues Jr, becoming one of the largest dairies in this part of Texas. Dues Jr. would go on to purchase more land in Dickinson.
Up until the 1960s, The Dues family owned the Gulf, Sinclair, and Humble service stations in Dickinson. Tony Dues would marry Teressa Park, daughter of J.M. Parke, who was stationmaster of the G. H. & H Railroad Station. He owned the Gulf Oil distibutorship, Gulf service station, and an insurance agency, and would instrumental in creating the Dickinson Volunteer Fire Department. He was the first chief and would serve for many years. Bob Dues, son of Ed Dues, would help create the Gar Rodeo, a huge fishing tournament attracting fishermen and beauty queens from around the area. Bob and his wife Bonnie would also purchase an RV business that remains today: Dues Campers. Dues family member, Julie Dues Masters, would go on to be the longest serving mayor of Dickinson and serve as the executive director of Keep Dickinson Beautiful.
In addition to numerous other familial contributions to Dickinson, members of the Dues family have volunteered with the Junior League, Ronald McDonald House, Galveston County Medical Auxiliary, CHAMPS, Dickinson and Santa Fe Little League, Rotary and Optimist Clubs, Galveston County Family Service Center, the Knights of Columbus, and several other organizations.

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DS27C52N0454 (1919)
DS27C52N0455 (AJ Dues Gulf Oil 1919)
DS27C52N0456 (OJ Baker, H , registration for selective service)
DS27C52N0458 (1959, Warehouse on Nichols)
DS27C52N0459 (AJ Dues circa 1939)
DS27C52N0460 (AJ Dues Gulf Oil)
DS27C52N0461 (May 10th, 1931, Mary K Broussard 1st Communion)
DS27C52N0462 (Tony and Leo Dues 1929)
DS27C52N0463 (1915-1918)
DS27C52N0464 (Tony Dues Dickinson Baseball team circa 1890)
DS27C52N0465 (Tony and Teressa 80th Anniversary May 24th, 1971)
DS27C52N0466 (Tony and Teressa Dues House)
DS27C52N0467 (Tony's Gulf Station)
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